QUESTION: how smooth are Neutrogena Nourishing Eyeliners?

ANSWER: Well, they’re about a billion times smoother than this dude…


Like Tom Cruise’s feet in that scene from Risky Business, these richly pigmented $8 drugstore liners practically glide, in this case across lash and water lines.

They’re part of Neutrogena’s permanent makeup collection and come in six eye-illuminating shades — Twilight Blue, brown Sugar, brushed Pewter, Plum Drop, Cosmic Black and Spiced Chocolate.

When it pertains to their makeup, the company prescribes to the approach that appeal products must enhance natural appeal while concurrently improving the skin, which is why these liners consist of hydrating ingredients like olive oil and shea butter to moisturize the delicate skin around the eyes.


Суичър за котки и грим ??

$ 42

Пазарувай сега

I’ve been looking forward to giving these a try, hoping I’d find drugstore alternatives to the MAC Technakohls (so far the only somewhat comparable, less expensive liners I’ve found have been the Covergirl exact Eyelights).

Among their other claims, team Neutrogena also says the Nourishing Eyeliners deliver all-day smudge- and fade-proof color.

Да видим!

For starters, like MAC Technakohls, Nourishing Eyeliners have skinny twist-up pencil tips, which makes ’em fab for drawing thin, exact lines. Neutrogena was also kind enough to add a built-in smudger and sharpener with each one, a convenient and welcome touch.

I’ve tried two of the colors — Spiced chocolate (the shimmery, rich coppery brown) and Twilight Blue (the dark navy blue with shimmer) — and both slip and slide oh-so-smoothly along my lash and water lines.

NOTE: The liners feel just a tad harder than the MAC Technakohls do to me, but not annoyingly so. On the skin, they remain creamy and easy to manipulate for a good half an hour, which seems like plenty of time to smudge to my heart’s content.

As for wear time…

Perhaps the colors I’ve tried are just exceptions, but both Twilight Blue and Spiced chocolate don’t stick around for long and require frequent reapplication, only enduring about two hours on my waterline (about four on my lash line) — something that absolutely makes them higher maintenance than a Technakohl, which I can pretty much apply once in the morning and then forget about until bed.

From left: Twilight Blue, Spiced Chocolate

Not only that, but they’re creepers, too, migrating as the day wears on until they eventually clear up into a crease (NO!)…

Sure, a layer of powder shadow on top extends the wear time, but that’s an extra step. often I just want to line and go, ya know?

Wearing Twilight Blue

While I love the price, colors and smooth application, these Nourishing Eyeliners just doesn’t last very long on the skin. That might not be a problem, however, if you don’t mind having to reapply your liner throughout the day. makeup and appeal blog Rating: B-/C+

You might like Neutrogena Nourishing eyeliner if…

You like eyeliners with a firm tip

You like the colors

You don’t mind having to reapply OFTEN

The price is right

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