It appears like Ms. Bobbi brown wasn’t the only one with the concept for a spring collection focused on a certain color style (in her situation coral). Today MAC released four of them! four new collections, each one focussed on a different color theme, as well as all of them offered now online.

Each of the four MAC spring Colour Forecasts mini-collections highlights one of four colors — Pink, Coral, Plum as well as Amber.


The MAC team filled each of the sets with a mix of makeup (including some restricted edition items) for eyes, lips as well as cheeks in tones ranging from demure to bold, as well as to truly flavor things up they even threw in some nail polishes as well as a sprinkle of fragrance, too.

I’m interested by the stackable Crush metal Pigments ($32.50) that include four jars full of sparkly metallic loose eyeshadows… Talk about portable celebration makeup, hay!

I felt a wave of blush lust the very first moment I saw the blush Ombres ($25 each), four powder blushes with a gentle gradient of color in each pan. MAC states they apply with medium, buildable coverage. Yummy.

Colour forecast appears like a formidable collection with over 40 pieces among the four color sets…


Суичър за котки и грим ??

$ 42

Пазарувай сега

Spring Colour 1 Forecast

MAC spring Colour 1 forecast — Pink

Eyeshadow in Rosy Outlook (a frosty infant pink), $14.50
Eyeshadow in Da Bling (a pink with golden pearl), $14.50
Eyeshadow in Lala (a mid-tone pink), $14.50
Eyeshadow in extremely Violet (a dark violet), $14.50
Crush metal Pigment in Stacked 1! (a pale pink frost, a mid-tone frosty rose, a frosty light lilac as well as a frosty dark purple), $32.50
Plush Lash Mascara in Plushblack, $13

Lipstick in Phlox (a sheer light pink), $14
Lipstick in Bubblegum (a light pinkish lavender), $14
Lipstick in Laugh A great deal (a pinkish mauve), $14
Lipstick in Pink burst (a pearly bright pink ), $14
Tinted Lipglass in Cultureclash (a remove infant pink with pearl), $14
Tinted Lipglass in Hush, Hush increased (a mid-tone bluish pink with pearl), $14
Tinted Lipglass in electric Fuchsia (a bright violet with blue pearl), $14

Blush Ombre in Azalea blossom (a light great pink), $25

Nail Lacquer in Galore Pink (a creamy mid-tone blueish pink), $12

Creations Hue: Pinkaura (notes of freesia, black violet, magnolia as well as vetiver), $25

Spring Colour 2 Forecast

MAC spring Colour 2 forecast — Coral

Eyeshadow in Nanogold (a sheer, yellowish beige with pink pearl), $14.50
Eyeshadow in Straw gather (a frosty light yellowish orange), $14.50
Eyeshadow in Perky (a light salmon pink), $14.50
Eyeshadow in hot Hot hot (a mid-tone coral), $14.50
Crush metal Pigment in Stacked 2! (a pale gilded beige frost, a coppery gold frost, a golden yellow frost as well as a golden eco-friendly frost), $32.50
Plush Lash Mascara in Plushblack, $13

Lipstick in Colour Me Coral (a frosty light coral), $14
Lipstick in Victorian (a frosty light golden pink), $14
Lipstick in Fresh Salmon (a sheer bright pinkish orange), $14
Lipstick in increased Maiden (a frosty bright berry), $14
Tinted Lipglass in Ember glow (a creamy light apricot), $14
Tinted Lipglass in Kumquat (a frosty tangerine), $14
Tinted Lipglass in Cha Cha (a mid-tone pink with gold pearl), $14

Blush Ombre in Ripe Peach (a light coral), $25

Nail Lacquer in Malibu Peach (a bright creamy tangerine), $12

Creations: MV2 (notes of vanilla, lemon, lavender, as well as heliotrope), $25

Spring Colour 3 Forecast

MAC spring Colour 3 forecast — Plum

Colour 3: Eyeshadow X 4 in Pink Mink (a neutral soft pink), Bruised Plum (a frosty mid-tone filthy mauve), Black Tulip (a frosty dark grape) as well as Jungle Moon (a blackened deep eggplant), $36

Lipstick in Radiccio (a sheer, mid-tone blueish mauve), $14
Lipstick in Hang-up (a deep berry), $14
Tinted Lipglass in Lavender Wind (a pearly lavender), $14
Tinted Lipglass in Purple Rage (a pearly dark berry), $14

Blush Ombre in vintage Grape (a mid-tone violet pink), $25

Nail Lacquer in Imperial Splendour (a deep creamy violet), $12

Spring Colour 4 Forecast

MAC spring Colour 4 forecast — Amber

Colour 3: Eyeshadow X 4 in Manila Paper (a frosty, pale golden white), flip (a golden bronze), Aztec brick (a frosty copper) as well as Creole appeal (a frosty dark golden brown), $36

Lipstick in Beigeland (a frosty light pinkish beige), $14
Lipstick in Bronzilla (a frosty mid-tone yellowish brown), $14
Tinted Lipglass in Almondine (a pale, pearly gold), $14
Tinted Lipglass in Gold dust (a mid-tone pearly copper), $14

Blush Ombre in Springshine (a neutral suntan), $25

Nail Lacquer in Abalone shell (a light, creamy warm beige), $12

What would you get?

Are you prepared for tonight’s makeup mission?

Your MAC makeup mission, must you select toПриемете го: Изберете всякакъв тип един цветен комплект от прогнозата за цвета на Mac Spring – розово, корали, слива или кехлибар – за да вземете къща със себе си в онлайн теглене. Изберете разумно, както и след това споделете вашите разсъждения в коментарите.

Коя от прогнозите за цветовете на Mac Spring бихте получили?

Mac Spring Color 1 прогноза – розово

Прогноза на Mac Spring Color 2 – корал

Прогноза на Mac Spring Color 3 – слива

Прогноза на Mac Spring Color 4 – кехлибар

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